Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is therapy really right for me?

Some seek psychotherapy as a means to clarify and crystallize their thoughts and values when contemplating a change or out of a desire for personal growth and development.

People seek psychotherapy when their relationships are fraught with discord or disappointment or even when the relationship is good and they wish to further explore and clarify lingering concerns before making a deeper commitment (as a couple might wish to do in premarital counseling).

Often people consider entering psychotherapy because they are suffering in some way. Their suffering may be related to a current crisis or trauma in their personal or professional lives or may be the result of long-standing patterns of thinking, feeling or behaving, perhaps connected to unexplored aspects of their family dynamics, which have for a long time sabotaged the creation of a happy and rewarding life. It may be that the experience of childhood abuse or neglect has cast a shadow on their adult lives. They may be grieving or struggling with self-esteem issues or experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic, or posttraumatic stress.

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